Posted Jul 21, 2014




The North Lakeland Volunteer Football League is seeking the support from our local businesses and individuals to support the league and sponsor local children who are under privileged. Our league is a non-profit organization which operates year around to provide boys and girls, ages 4 through 14 the opportunity to participate in various football and cheerleading activities.  We rely upon our local businesses as well as various other sponsors to assist in funding items such as uniforms, helmets, supplies and training equipment to allow us to operate and provide a positive experience for the children.  All funds donated to the league go directly to the operations and upkeep of the league. On any given night during our two (2) seasons, there are up to 300 children and their parents at our facilities.  Please take time to consider becoming a local sponsor for North Lakeland’s oldest football league.


Thank you for considering being a part of the NLVFL,

                                                                I.T. & Communications Manager

                                                                               Jessica Lehman



Sponsorship Option Levels:

 Flag Level: ($100 to $399 or equal tangible items) 

Your business will be recognized in our game programs with a business card sized advertisement.  Your business will be noted on game days as a sponsor for the league during in game announcements. 

Junior Level: ($400 - $799 or equal tangible items)

Your business will be recognized the same as a Flag Sponsor. In addition, a field level banner (4x6) will be placed recognizing your specific business. 

Junior Varsity Level: ($800 - $1199 or equal tangible items)

Your business will be recognized in the same manner as a Junior Sponsor.  In addition, your business will be recognized on our web site as a team sponsor for our teams.  You will be recognized as the “official sponsor of” this league for the entire season during in game announcements.

Varsity Level: ($1200 or more or equal tangible items)

Your business will be recognized in the same manner as a Junior Varsity Sponsor. In addition, your banner will be placed on our scoreboards as a Varsity Sponsor for the season.




This is a great way for your business to get recognized!  See a NLVFL board member for details.